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Dr. Arthur Slutsky

Research involves the development of better techniques and technologies to ventilate critically ill patients to avoid lung injury


Dr. Duncan Stewart

Research involves gene therapy and stem cell transplantation to repair heart muscles and restore heart function.


Dr. David Jenkins,

Research involves studying the relationship between diet and chronic disease and results will be used to create new diet guidelines


Dr. Prabhat Jha,

Fundamental research to generate, synthesize, and disseminate real-world evidence about the spread of HIV1 and tobacco related diseases, and to develop more effective intervention tools to control these major causes of premature death. Expected results include improved health and decreased mortality among the world’s 1.3 billion poor


Dr. Wendy Levinson

Research involves studying the patterns in various aspects of physician-patient communication, combining descriptive studies with active training and testing programs in order to improve standards of patient care. The goal is to improve patient satisfaction with their medical care, improve treatment of chronic disease due to better communication and fewer incidences of malpractice litigation.


Dr. Susan Quaggin

Research involves studying the mechanisms of kidney disease at the cellular level with the goal of developing new research and diagnostic tools